Therapy is a safe place to unpack the luggage of life and reprioritize what you want to carry and what you want to let go of. For Michelle, after her children started school, she had a strong desire to start conversations with other women about the stresses of motherhood, marriage, and sexuality. This drive led her to get a master's at National University in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialty in systemic sex therapy. Successful marriages have ups and downs, disagreements, and challenges. She utilizes a collaborative approach to therapy, following the teachings of John & Julie Gottman, Esther Perel, and others. She can also work through problems using narrative, emotionally focused, and solution-focused therapy.

Michelle has a specialization in systemic sex therapy and can work with individuals and couples with issues of sexuality, sexual identity, women's sexuality, and premarital and intimacy issues. She ensures a safe space for education, sexual assessments, and discussing the client's goals for their sex life. No question is too silly. No problem is too embarrassing. She is LGBTQ+ friendly and has education in LGBTQ+ considerations in all areas.

As a mother to two wildly imaginative boys, she has experience raising children who are strong-willed, anxious, depressed, and struggle to have good attitudes in school. She also has personal experience with miscarriage and stillbirth. She is passionate about collaborating with families to get out of unhealthy family functioning cycles by utilizing research-based methods to create real change and help them move out of unhelpful patterns and toward their goals. Family therapy is done with all family members in the therapy room, discussions are based on presenting problems, and sessions are focused on gaining communication skills and creating healthy coping mechanisms.

I love reading and watching movies. I am intrigued by utilizing bibliotherapy and cinematherapy with my clients. I enjoy group fitness classes and have instructed HIGH Fitness for 5+ years. I love listening to my kid's jokes, eating cookie dough, and spending time with friends and family.