Jeff believes in an honest and up-front approach to therapy. By utilizing the past for understanding and focusing on solutions for the present, there is much that can be achieved to improve one's life. As a former addict with more than a decade of sobriety, he understands the pitfalls and patterns that users can become stuck in. He knows what it takes to get and maintain sobriety and is passionate about helping those in recovery along with their families. In using various therapeutic techniques, he has found success with motivational techniques and working with family dynamics to support positive sustainable change. Although most of his recovery work has been with adults, he also has experience working with adolescents who struggle with depression and various forms of anxiety and abandonment.

Jeff holds several degrees including a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, a Masters of Business Administration and is finishing his Masters of Social Work. He has a varied and rich work history, and is looking forward to bringing that experience to the therapeutic community. He believes people are stronger and more resilient than they believe and that they are capable of overcoming the issues in their lives.

Jeff loves to travel, and loves living in Southern Utah where he can golf year-round. He also loves spending time with close friends and family.

If you or someone you know could benefit from working with Jeff, please reach out to our office to get scheduled today.