Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based therapy used to understand and shape behaviors of children and young adults. ABA Therapy uses positive reinforcement and evidence based teaching methods to encourage behavioral and emotional growth. While most programs focus mainly on intervention with the child, we believe that families have the ability to make the greatest impact for positive growth. At RISE Therapy and Coaching, families work with a licensed behavior analyst to learn how to impart skills necessary for daily living, address challenging behaviors and build critical social skills with their child. 

Who Can Benefit

We believe that every child and family has the ability to live a fulfilling life. By creating a personalized plan to achieve positive results, we focus on developing key social skills and providing tools to create success in school, work and home life.  We specialize in working with neurodiverse children and their families. 

  • Autism Spectrum
  • Executive Functioning 
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Oppositional Defiance 
  • Social Skills



What We Do

It is important for us to know exactly what you are struggling with as a family.  It is our goal to tackle some of the most challenging issues first. 

In order to get the most comprehensive picture possible,  we spend several hours gathering information through interviews, assessments and observation with you as parents and with your child.  

Once we have a detailed understanding of your family’s needs,  a structured plan is developed, introduced and we put that plan to work.  

Putting The Plan To Work


What Makes Us Different

The Best Alternative to “Traditional” ABA therapy

  • Less Time –  Only one to a few hours per week instead of 20-30 hours per week.
  • Less Intrusive – The family implements the intervention which requires a shorter time and financial commitment each week.
  • Less Costly – Our program is about 10% of the cost of traditional approaches. 
  • More Efficient – Real-time focused and targeted interventions tailored to your family.
  • Long Lasting – By focusing on the family as a whole, parents learn the skills with our licensed behavior analyst and implement them immediately, instead of the child learning skills at a clinic multiple days each week.