The decision to become a therapist was a personal one for Dani. After 29 years of marriage and raising 3 kids, Dani has found a new calling in life reconnecting marriage and family relationships. She has personally experienced situations where she needed expert help to guide her through the maze and has emerged resilient and empowered.

While she loves working with couples and individuals, she has also found a passion for helping clients heal from trauma. It is her belief that almost everyone has experienced trauma at some point in life. Trauma is processed by the brain and the body completely differently than the way the brain processes a healthy, happy experience. Understanding this and working with the client to guide the process, healing from trauma is possible and sustainable.

Dani enjoys meeting her clients where they are, with the beliefs and circumstances that have shaped the experiences in their lives. She recognizes the strengths already within individuals, and acknowledges that clients are the experts in their own life.

In her spare time, Dani loves to ride motorbikes in the desert sand with her family. She loves the mild climate that Southern Utah has to offer, as well as the bright, hot sun. She enjoys refurbishing old furniture and is often found taking a brisk walk with their family's Golden Retriever, Gus.

Please contact Dani if she can assist you, your marriage, your family, or anyone in the community.